$100 Day Formula by Ram Rawat

First, let's talk about Affiliate Marketing.

For starters, affiliate marketing is where you promote some vendor's product and for each sale you get some commissions.

Let's take a look at some of your options...

In promoting the physical products from Amazon/AliExpress using Shopify stores...

How much do you make?

5% to 10% commissions?? + Headache of shipping the product to your customer on time...

+ customer support that you've to handle since they bought product from your web-store.

Nobody wants this much headache for ONLY 5 or maximum 10% commissions… TRUST ME!

But what if I tell you that you can generate 100% commissions using a well tested system that is working like crazy for my friend Ram.

Here's a sneak peak into his  "Paypal" account:

Ram started Internet marketing few months back…

He took his very first steps through CPA.

He did manage to generate big CPA commissions.

BUT he had to wait for weeks to get that CPA money transferred to his account.

He wanted some FAST CASH generating method…. which is mostly in digital products.

So he bought a few courses and took few steps...

All these programmes talked about how to set up the system, but NONE shared their EXACT system...


The BITTER TRUTH is, most of the internet marketers don’t want to show their 'full' secrets.

Why? Because most of the times, when a lot of people start using a certain secret, the "trick's" effectiveness diminishes.

They might just share what is already out there. But what Ram needed was some concrete business blueprint with SOLID results!

So he started testing various funnels, brought traffic from different sources… and LOST Hundreds of $$$ in testing various methods…

As Ram wanted to his dreams full filled so badly... that he NEVER GAVE UP!

And eventually he did manage to make one of his system work with 3 AWESOME Traffic Sources.


With this “super converting funnel” he made a list of 1046 Hungry Subscribers in JUST 10 Days and then left the system to automatically generate instant cash for him.

Now he has just a list of 1046 subscribers interested in info products…

And he is EASILY making those $100 A Day in affiliate commissions.

And he created a special course revealing his very trick, for you to have, before anybody else does.

What you’ll find inside:

  • An EASY to Follow System, which is completely Newbie Friendly.
  • He has Not Written Stories in this course..but Shared his EXACT system…His EXACT squeeze pages, EXACT mails in autoresponder, EXACT Thank-you pages…His EXACT Back-end promoted products which converted like crazy for him.
  • All you need to do is COPY-PASTE his “EXACT” System.
  • 3 Awesome Traffic Sources which brings ‘HIGHLY TARGETED’ Subscribers.

Let's talk about the benefits you're getting from this course...

  • No TIME Wastage in Testing. Just Copy-Paste this EXACT system.
  • Monthly Budget Required = monthly Autoresponder fee
  • No energy wastage in thinking… what usual courses talk about.
  • If you’re making money using selling physical products and tired of customer support and monitoring shipping..it’s time for you to say GOODBYE to your Headache!
  • INSTANT PAYMENTS -Digital Info Products are promoted by this method, where you’ll be paid INSTANTLY to your Paypal.
  • 100% Commissions on selling info products. On most of the platforms like W+ or JVZoo, you’ll find that vendors usually give 100% commissions on the front end products.

Now think again! Has any other Internet Marketer EVER shared this kind of information??

Well again....

Today is your LUCKY DAY! 

Ram is sharing his EXACT System in this course - “$100 A DAY LIST BLUEPRINT”

I know you’re going to love this method.

Talk soon!

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