5 Success Ideas I Learned from an Orphan Turned Millionaire

December 4, 2015 - Manila. There I was, sitting in the room, about seven hours away from home. There was a business gathering going on

Not a moment later, a tall guy walked on stage

His name is Bryan Pillay, and he and started to tell his story...

“Ever tried riding your private plane to another country, just to eat dinner, and go back to your home country right after?

“Ever tried living in exclusive villas and expensive houses?

"I’ve experienced those,”

“But I must also ask you…

“Have you also tried being an orphan? At three, I was one…

“Ever tried begging for food? I did…

“Ever tried doing an armed robbery? At age 10, I did that, too…”

He continued by telling his highs and lows –

...from being a military man, to being a national goalkeeper (football), getting involved in the gambling business (made a lot of money, but eventually left because it was causing bad things to the people he was bringing in), to buying-fixing-reselling companies, and now in the coffee business

From there, he shared some of the most amazing success principles I’ve heard

Turns out, he’s a millionaire… with hundreds of millions that have passed thru his hands

And that day, I had the privilege of learning from him

Now, I want to pass on what I discovered that day, to you

Starting with:

Success Idea # 1 – “A box a day is a seed”

In his coffee business, he related that selling a box a day is a seed. Do that every day and at the end of the year, you have 365 customers.

In my opinion, that applies to almost any other business.

The reason I’m pointing this out is because as someone who’s starting, I know the feeling where your early efforts in trying to establish a business may not seem to be paying off as well as you’ve expected

You’re putting in generous amounts of time and effort, but despite all, you still can’t feel the big time and financial freedom every guru is telling you about

And because of this, a lot of people give up early… way too early

In order NOT to be part a of the 95% of people that fail in business, you must understand ---

“What you put out in the world are your seeds… and it takes time for strong firm trees to grow from a seed”

In a sense, every blog post you make is a seed.  Each product you create is a seed. Each YouTube video you put out is a seed. And so on…

Plant enough seed and you could cover a mountain, right?


Success Idea # 2 – “You are your biggest block”

If you have big dreams, and you’re not getting any closer to it

It means one thing – you have a big “ego”

If you’re un-teachable, un-coachable, and wouldn’t listen to other people… and you’re poor because of this… then that’s a sign of having too much ego

Let go of it

There’s nothing wrong with asking and learning from others

In fact, taking a mentor is a big shortcut

“Your bank account goes up, when your ego goes down”


Success Idea # 3 – “God only helps those who help themselves”

Not to sound all too religiony here, but I believe this is true

Even Newton’s 3rd law of motion says so – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

You have to put in the action first

Hustle, and that help will come


Now, here’s a bonus


I was actually able to get Brian to get on an interview with me the following day

Unfortunately, the recording file mysteriously disappeared… ouchhh!

Luckily, I only asked him two questions

So, at the very least, I could give you a gist of his answers


Interview Question # 1 – What’s your personal definition of success?

Brian talked about how a lot of people only equate success with money

And how, as someone who had hundreds of millions pass by his hands, would say it’s not all about the money

It’s about “finding your purpose”

If you’re doing something that aligns you to your purpose, you are successful


Interview Question # 2 – Do you have any success idea you wish you knew earlier?

“Empty your cup… daily”

He said that you must be willing to learn every day


And that’s it – principles from a millionaire

Again, your actions today are seeds… your bank account goes up, when your ego goes down… you get help, when you help yourself… find your purpose, work towards it, and you’re successful… and be willing to learn on a daily basis


What’s your favourite among the five?

Comment below and let’s talk more about this
from way up high
Philippines’ City of Pines
P.S. Let me end this article with some actionable recommendations related to success idea #1 - “A box a day is a seed”

1. Have your own blog (biz-in-a-box resource: Blog Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR)

2. Continue getting connected with “people of interest” (influencers, interested onlookers, buyers, etc) in social media (resource: SociLeads)

3. Expand your blog’s reach thru social media marketing (biz-in-a-box resources: Pinterest Marketing Excellence, Facebook Marketing Excellence, and Twitter Marketing Excellence)
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