Confession: Can You Escape Affiliate Marketing?

So yeah, I enrolled in one high-ticket coaching program, and there, I was taught to create my own product and orchestrate a product launch.

At that time, I NEVER really cared about affiliate marketing. And so, I did my product launch, with decent result – 9th place on JVZoo best-sellers for October 24. It was a fun, tiring, exhilarating ride.

And you are right, I am proud of that… but I believe the credit does not belong to me.

I could never have done that without affiliates.

One thing I was not prepared for was the aftermath – and the realization that came afterwards.

Something I wish I paid MORE attention to while I was thinking about my short and long-term plans in my internet marketing business.

And that revolves around one question:

Can you and I escape affiliate marketing?
At first, I honestly thought I could.

I mean, we could all just create our own products and sell it, correct?

We could launch our stuff and make money, right?

Well – here’s my confession.

If you want people to support your 2nd, 3rd, and so on product…

You have to scratch their back, too.

And what I mean by that is – you need to support your affiliates’ products by becoming an affiliate yourself.


The world of business and internet marketing does not just revolve around you.

Looking at what I’ve experienced during my personal launch, especially during the recruitment of affiliates part…

... I wished I was already doing affiliate marketing then.

Why, you may ask?

So that I had the leverage when asking them if they could promote for me, too.
Think about it…

There are probably tens or hundreds of product launches happening each day.

And getting the attention of other people (to promote for you) is getting tougher and tougher every day.

Gurus always say that building “relationships” is the name of the game

And what best way to build that relationship?

By offering what you could give first – even before asking for something in return.

So… if you ask me:

What are the best things I could hear from someone I’m talking to for the first time?

“I’d love to promote your product to my audience and list” --- that’s it.

Tell that to someone if you’re trying to establish a relationship, and tell me if it fails.

At the very least, I see that person replying to you and saying thank you.

I mean…

We could all be narcissistic and selfish.

And we can’t blame our “self-preservation” DNA for that.
So… knowing all these, let’s get back to the question:

Can you escape affiliate marketing?

My answer:

If you plan on establishing a real business, my answer would be “NO, you can’t escape affiliate marketing”.
(Just like paying taxes, we can't really escape affiliate marketing)
Even established marketers with best-selling products and 7-figure businesses still DO affiliate marketing.

And that alone should give you a clue.

You could go away the “first time” you launched your product, and other affiliates would come on board.

BUT trust my words when I say this ---

You may send messages to over 200+ people (which my wife and I did during our first launch)…

But you’d be lucky to get even 10% to even take a time to politely say no.

They just don’t care.

Yes – a few would, and you should be thankful about them.

BUT the story could be a lot different if you were able to give them something first:

And that something is “being an affiliate” for their product first.

So, what’s my plan now that I’ve finally done my first launch?

Simple: be a better affiliate.

Even if I can only bring in a few sales.

Even if all you can show is genuine effort. Because experienced marketers get it, we all start small.

Your “effort” will already set you apart from those “takers” - you know, those random people shouting “hey, promote for me, promote for me, promote for me”.

So, what can you take away from this sharing?

Hear this out:

  • As early as now, plan on how you could give value to other business owners by being their affiliate as well

  • Build your list as you go - NOW

  • Get in touch with the product owners you’d like to promote for you in the future as well

  • Think WIN-WIN, and you can never go wrong

This is it for now.

How about you, what have you done lately to become a better affiliate?

Are you willing to be a good affiliate?

Or are you gonna be a hermit in your business and go at it yourself?


~ Hurricane Dexter P.
from way up high
Philippines' City of Pines

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