Marketing Secrets: How to Create a Killer Customer Avatar

f you want more sales, creating your customer avatar is one of the most important business foundation you can implement.

It just makes sense to be "having a dialogue" with them, in the most accurate and relevant way possible (versus simply throwing a very generic message out there).

This video shows Eben Pagan, founder of the Altitude program, revealing the secret to communicating with your customer effectively:
Here's an example of a customer avatar I made (in the internet marketing niche):

Meet Rex.

He's 38 years old, with a family, and working on a decent salary enough to get by comfortably, with a few extras for once or twice a year humble vacation. Maybe, about $30,000 a year.

He's been involved in Internet marketing for the past 3 years. He has two kids – aged 6 and 4 respectively.

He expects more from life, he graduated from college anyway.

He'd do anything to get his family a better life. So, he's tried some "money making options" in the past.

Sometimes he'd make good, sometimes he'd fail.

But no real passive income has ever lasted for him.

So he's still working in his job, and tried internet marketing a couple of years. He's got a products he's bought in the past. PLR products he wanted to re-brand and totally make original, but never got to doing.

He'd say that being too tired from work, and having "out of time" is the most common reason he can't get things done, thus his online business NOT taking off.

At this stage, he knows that his problem skills has already improved.

His gut tells him just needs the right direction, information, and support system to get "his big break".

By now, he understand that it takes proper setup and right work to make internet marketing work - but he still get tempted when shortcuts are presented to him.

He's worried that people are thinking he's crazy for trying this "internet marketing thing" - and that there are prying eyes to his every move.

Sometimes he gets frustrated, depressed and can’t concentrate on work properly when he's short in cash.

He's scared that one day he might not have a source of income that will provide for his family, and pay for his children's education and comfortable care.

He's hesitant to make another purchase because he's failed before - thinking that this may be just another "shiny object" that promises too much, but delivers so little in return.

He knows he's got great ideas, if only he could implement them.

He's cautious not to buy another PLR because he's got 20 more sitting untouched on his hard drive.

Sometimes he sees stories of cash and dreams from "the promotions of gurus" - he gets frustrated because he knows "he knows how to do it" - he just can't get a break.

Deep inside he gets jealous because he want to be making that money too. And not having to rely on others when things go sideways when it comes to emergency spendings.

He's got some ideas about internet marketing, but he thinks he's got to learn more and at the same time there's too much information out there --- too many gurus teaching too many things.... He's afraid that he's not ready to swing big and take a bet on internet marketing, yet - because he thinks it'll be big a risk.

And that it would be shameful if he fails. He'd already told his wife that "this is gonna be it" when he buys expensive programs and even coaching, only to fail short and in credit card debt.


He wants someone who'd take the information overload and guide him step by step so he could finally make use of those PLR's and researches he had... so he can create that first "real" product he can be proud of for years to come - and that product would sit on a well designed product and funnel, so it can be the seed that takes him to a better financial standing.

He wants it to be his last purchase for now until he makes real internet money.

As you can see, writing out a customer avatar eventually leaves you with some sort of "tangible" way to talk to your audience.

It's more targeted.

The message becomes more focused.

And you ultimately have less things to worry about in your marketing pieces because you tend to become less confused.

You can't please everybody, and you can't be talking to the whole world, anyway - it's boring, impractical, and doesn't make sense in the long run.

Think of it this way - Pepsi people will always be Pepsi people, and Coca-Cola people will most likely stay the same :)

Are you in the internet marketing niche, too? How well did I describe Rex?

Did I miss out relevant things?

If so, kindly comment below help me describe Rex a little better.

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