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How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Product (First Product Launch Confessions)

So, you want to get affiliates, eh? In fact, you want to get more... so you could sell more shit on your first ever product launch,…

Marketing Secrets: How to Create a Killer Customer Avatar

I f you want more sales, creating your customer avatar is one of the most important business foundation you can implement. It just…

5 Tips to Make Your Biz Graphics Shout Even if You’re a Newbie

So, you want your business graphics & product ecovers to stand out... even if you're not a trained graphics designer? If you’ve…

“Da Vinci Advantage” (Webinar Replay)

So, I decided to have my first solo webinar where I guide you on "How to Bootstrap Your Way to Success & Grow a Business You Love…

“Dexternizing” at Alex Jeffreys VIP Coaching w/ Half Year Salary

Bam, bam bam! There I was, pounding away at my keyboard... ...like a crazy mongrel about to pounce on its prey. My wife laughed,…

Boost Your Headline “Emotional Marketing Value” | Free Tool

Reaching people in an deep and emotional way is key to your marketing success. And your headline is unquestionably the most important…
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