How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Product (First Product Launch Confessions)

So, you want to get affiliates, eh?

In fact, you want to get more... so you could sell more shit on your first ever product launch, correct?

Well buddy, if you answered yes - you better sit the f*ck down because...
"What you’re about to discover today is something NO guru can give you"
Here’s the reason why I say so:

Although gurus of today have been “newbies” in the past – you have to understand that time and circumstance change

Back in the days of wild west IM days, there were only a handful of people doing launches – making it easier to get affiliates to jump on board

But as I’m writing this, there’s a launch happening everyday – and it’s not uncommon to see five to six figure launches on a regular launches

It’s just the law of supply and demand… it’s a natural occurrence in life and we can’t escape it

Simply put:
"Getting top gun affiliates to notice you is one BIG problem first-time product launchers face... it's confusing, and emotionally challenging"
But since you're reading this... you can relax

Get your thinking cap on

And pay good attention

If you’re like me…

You probably have NO idea YET “how those affiliate traffic could make or break your launch” – not until you open cart during your launch

I’m telling this because I’ve seen with my own eyes how some of my coaching program classmates would schedule their launch, only to report that they made no sale…

That no affiliate sent traffic their way

Yes, it’s depressing… even for me who’s just watching on the side-lines
"In simple terms - affiliates could
make or break your launch"
NOW, though my product reached 9th place best-seller on JVZoo on my opening day (October 24)...

...I can tell that my execution of the launch (including the affiliate recruitment) have a lot of room for improvement… only if I knew better

So, in this post, I’m gonna reveal to you my “affiliate recruitment” experiences during my first launch…

…in hopes you get an idea how a no-name, no-money, no-reputation dude went about it, and what things do I think I should have done to make it better

My point is, today, affiliates have so much option to choose from – it is a real necessity to really be able to catch their attention
"And as someone who’s doing his first launch without much leverage, that could be a real fuck*n' challenge – I MEAN IT"
(just so you know I'm not pulling my words from my ass... me and my wife actually did the leg work of contacting affiliates)
I’m serious about this

You have to understand – I’m a regular guy with a regular product

It’s not like I have a breakthrough money making system, plugin, software, or app with a tried and tested funnel

No EPC’s to brag about, and no screenshots of my name in leaderboards

During my first product launch, affiliate recruitment was the most challenging part I had to go thru

Here’s a video I did reflecting how I felt at that time:
Here are the cold truths…

No matter how much gurus claim their program, or software, or course would make affiliates gather in horde to promote for you --- it does not happen that way, not for the majority anyway

If you’re doing this for the first time, affiliate recruitment requires time and effort (money if you’re hiring an established affiliate manager)

That’s just how it is

Half-assed work gives half-assed results

So don’t half ass your affiliate recruitment if you want decent results

With this in mind, the first thing you need to get affiliates to promote for you is…
PART 1/3:
Develop a Good Foundation, Within
What foundation am I talking about here?

First and foremost, there are basic common sense principles you must understand
1. Start by working on yourself
Strengthen your belief and trust in yourself, in your product, and in the value you want to bring for other people

This is important because some people you’re gonna be in touch with (during the recruitment process) are gonna be DICKS – and if you’re not prepared, they will wear you down, emotionally and psychologically

This is my JV recruitment video – I used the actual process of recording this as part of my mental preparation:
Just remember that rejections are normal, and that non-considerate people exist

You just have to be cool about it

If you encounter bad apples with bad attitudes, comments, and all… just move on
2. You’re talking to real people, so treat them as such
Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Do not do unto others what you don’t want done unto you – simple as that

• Do you want getting spammed?
• Would you accept friend requests from strangers who don’t even introduce themselves via private message?
• Do you want all the information about a product launch given to you at once (so you save time)?
• Would you promote a product that doesn’t fit your list?

Consider asking yourself questions like these when dealing with other people - you might be surprised by your own answers
3. Think long term
If you get rejected, don’t take it against the other person

Maybe, it’s just that the timing is not good (they may be already committed to promoting other products, or maybe they have their own launch happening of the same day or week)

So, just continue nurturing the relationship for the sake of the future

If you want to be in this business for the long haul, act like it

Start networking even if you don’t have a product yet (and plan on continue, even after your launch)

With these foundations, you’re good to go, mindset wise

Moving on…

Most of the time, I’d hear first time product launchers this question:
“How Do You Contact Affiliates”
Do you email them?

Do you send a Facebook message?

What do you say?


Let me give you three examples first, then I’ll wrap them up so we could answer the questions above

Let’s get to the meat of this sharing – the “how to” part with examples
PART 2/3:
The things I did to recruit my affiliates
(these are the top 10 affiliates during my first product launch)
1. How I got Ian del Carmen, #1 in my launch leaderboard, as an affiliate to promote my product
Ian del CarmenIan del Carmen is a premium affiliate at JVZoo... and Superstar Affiliate at W+ (and who knows what in other channels)


This was the message I sent Ian on Facebook that sealed the deal:
Hi Kuya Ian,

Good day, and a quick sorry for the disturbance :)

Congrats again for the new child... I hope you are still able to rest well hehehe
(my 2 y/o and 3mos old girls are giving me that sleep challenge hehehe)


I don't want to keep you too long, so let met get to the reason I'm writing...

I am 14 days from product launch as of right now (October 24th)...
...and I’d like to get the news under your radar.

Just in case, I’m giving you 100% commission across the funnel.

The product is on the IM/PLR niche (I'm giving PLR to my Udemy Course)...

...and the sales page is well made with doodle VSL (I was coached by 7-figure Alex Jeffreys).

I also created a great JV tools page (I really think you will enjoy it... it has banners, forum signature, graphics, 21 different email swipes to choose from, a ready made "bonus pack" and more...) to make it easier on affiliates.

We're also running an exciting one-of-a-kind leaderboards contest called "FIRST LAUNCH10" (The BIGGEST Leaderboards Bragging Rights for 2015 - more info over at the JV page).

I would absolutely love if you would promote :)

Here are the details:

Sales Page:
The JV tools page:

I also want to give you access to the product, so you can know first hand it's well done.

Review Copy: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(Note: Aside from the existing mp3 and videos recorded with my voice... I've also contracted a professional radio DJ to do a professional voice over of the course... and it's coming and gonna be uploaded a week before the launch)

If you need any help please feel free to contact me anytime.

Peace and much respect,
Dexter Paglinawan
Skype: dexpaglinawan

P.S. Apologies if my approach is direct as this is the first time I'm doing this :)

If I've offended you for some reason and don't want to be bothered again, please simply tell me you're not interested. But if you are interested but fully booked on your calendar, you can tell me "next time" - and I'll update you again if we get something happening again.

If you want "in" and you have questions, or if you want for us to work on an "exclusive bonus" that would align our offer better for you audience, kindly contact me and we can arrange for that. Thanks
Now, look - this was not the first message I sent

I exchanged messages with him first

(once or twice, I think – he’s kinda hard to get hold of at that time as his wife just gave birth)

And even before that, I was “liking and commenting” on some of his posts on FB

But frankly, I was hesitant about sending Ian that message (above)

I mean – inferiority complex and all

I’m glad I pressed the “send” button, though

(Note: Also, I don’t know if it helped that I’m Filipino like Ian, too)
2. How I got Kam ‘ZeroFatz’ Jennings, #3 in my launch leaderboard, as an affiliate to promote my product
Kam Kam "ZeroFatz" Jennings is a YouTuber, so, I started building relationship with him by regularly watching his videos (from start to finish) & commenting on them

This happened weeks (even a month) before my launch

Then, I found him on Facebook and we got connected

Of course… the very first conversations revolved around me thanking him for his good stuff on YouTube – just genuine pat on the back

Eventually, I asked him if he could take a look at my “What’s Inside the Golden Can” JV video – from the perspective of a video guy

I did not ask him to “promote me” – but I asked for his opinion

He gave me his thoughts, and conversed a few more times

He got to know a little more about me, and me a little more about him - that built our relationship further… not some magical bromance type, ok, but you get what I mean, right? lol

Then, one day, I watched another video of him… and when I got the chance to chat with him again, I showed him my “FIRST LAUNCH10” characters IN RELATION to that video on his channel that I just watched

That moment was the point Kam verbalized (something along the lines of) he felt that I was serious about this “IM thing” – that I was putting on the ‘work’

Later on, Kam told me my “What’s Inside the Golden Can” video helped in getting him to notice me

Kam has become a good friend, and a mentor for me –before my launch, he’s one of the people who kept encouraging and validating my work

Trust me – having people like Kam, generous and ‘true’ people, is a BIG ingredient for success in my books

Treasure those people (shoutout to my SEO ninja friend Carl Ocab... go claim SEO Philippines bro lol... and graphics ninja friend Jeremiah V - for the encouragement boost during my launch)

Converse with them genuinely

Be of value to them as well
3. How I got Justin Opay & Sajan Elanthoor, #4 in my launch leaderboard as affiliates to promote my product
Pay attention

Because for every story, there is always a beginning - and this was mine in my affiliate recruitment journey

This is important because getting that first affiliate starts your momentum

It gives encouragement, and tells you it’s possible

So, here’s how it all started

First, I joined some FB groups related to “product launches”, and “JVZoo” (the platform where I was launching)

From there, I observed who got the “eyes of the market” in my niche

Yeah – I’m in the IM (Internet Marketing) niche

But we have to go deeper than that

So, I looked for people in the internet marketing PLR niche (because there are other PLR categories, like self-help PLR, etc)
Now, I went a little deeper, by looking for a person who I could share “similarities” with

I don’t know if it’s fate or what, but I saw Justin Opay – and we are both Filipinos

I sent him a Facebook friend request – WITH A MESSAGE

And from there, we got the chance to talk more often on SKYPE (hint – go get Skype, it’s free)

He introduced me to his business partner Sajan (and other people, too, actually)

Again, I communicated with Sajan thru Skype

Eventually, they said they’d promote for me

Even though they already said they’d promote for me, I still made a video testimonial for them

That’s an example of ‘following thru’ on your relationship

You do this so they actually promote for you

BECAUSE even though some people ask ‘affiliate approval’ for your product, that does not mean they will promote

Up until now, I still communicate with Justin and Sajan on a regular basis... and also, I now do some doodle videos for them - cool, right

(since people have been asking... some my favorite PLR releases from Justin and Sajan would be Facebook Marketing Excellence, Video Marketing Excellence, and Twitter Marketing Excellence)


Now that I've given you three examples of how I approached some of my top affiliates, time to move deeper...

I plan on creating and releasing a report about my “FIRST LAUNCH10” - it should contain details about how I got the other people on my leaderboard, too... and more

(I'm thinking of giving it away for free, but only if you like it... and I see people are interested. So please let me know by leaving a message on the comment box after this post)
Let’s go back to the question:

“How Do You Contact Affiliates”

Do you email them? Do you send a Facebook message?
What do you say?
(here's a screenshot of the personal video greetings and testimonials I made during my affiliate recruitment escapade)
Well, here’s what I can say based on my recent experience…

Because affiliates are real people – this means they have unique needs as well

Different strokes for different folks, like they say

Others would appreciate the slow and steady when contacted…

…while the others want all the links and info straight away

This may not be the case all the time, but if you happen to approach someone with the wrong method, some could really be total douche-bags with their method of telling they don’t want your approach

(I even made a special report just for this dude’s list, just to apologize because he did not like my method of approaching him… BUT he just ‘seenzoned’ me – you know, when they see the Facebook message you sent them but they just leave it at that? I think that’s worse than getting a “no” lol)

So, be prepared – in case you encounter this…

Just move on

Sadly, I can’t tell which method would work for whom

You just have to "guesstimate" which approach to use for different peeps

Anyway, let’s move on to…
PART 3/3:
Affiliate Recruitment Realization I Wish I Knew and Did Before My First Launch
1. Start Networking from the very start
Once you’ve decided on your niche (and product), start networking with the people ON THAT NICHE immediately

Even before you complete your product, start building relationship with other people

The best way to do that is to give them something

A written or a video testimonial could be a start
If you’re tech or graphics savvy, offer your services to quality affiliates for free

(I even paid a guy on fiverr to get a logo done for someone, and I did not stop there – I enhanced the logo myself, even threw in an FB page design, all just for the purpose of networking)
2. Instead of Personal Video Greetings Alone, FB “Audio” Messages Could Work, Too
This is just a matter of economy, Sherlock

I think audio recordings could be done faster

The faster you can create audio greetings, the more you can make, thus… the more you can contact

In the end, the “game of numbers” is still relevant

Elementary (wink)
3. Spend Money on Traffic (…and do cool shit that requires work)
This tip is your reward for sticking around, because this is ninja stuff

Pointers I wish I knew before I pushed with my launch

Now, this is not some made up theory

I learned this from one internet marketing ninja (now a friend) named John Marquez

(I’ll tell you more about him in the future – watch out, he’s the real deal… among the real deals)


Here’s the short tour to this ‘j’enius approach
First, you use FB ads to build a list

...and then drive some traffic to your offer

(yep, back to basics... back to vanilla... back to actually putting in some work - buddy, you're reading my blog... you know the very beautiful word "work" would come out, right?)

Let me tell you about two drawbacks, up front:

a. You’ll spend some money, maybe about $100 (not one time payment, though… if you could get a regular $5-10 daily budget, you’re good to go)

b. Another drawback, your product launch could be pushed a few weeks because of this

BUT even with these two banana challenges, you have to know there’s a lot of advantages if you do what I’m about to reveal to you

Advantage numero uno - this is a good way to optimize your sales page and funnel

While “networking” with more experienced affiliates, ask for their opinion about how you could improve your sales page

And use what they teach you in doing split tests to your sales page

You can get “affiliates involved in your launch process” by doing this – report to them if your metrics have raised, especially if you used the technique they shared

In some sense, they get some ownership about the project… so they’re more likely to support it

I can’t guarantee a 100% - but a certain percentage of the potential affiliates you contact will

Advantage numero dos – you get a chance to create better email swipes

As you build your list… you can already test out the emails you’re gonna offer as swipes for your affiliates

Again, these emails would stack up to the “stats” you could mention while recruiting affiliates

And I tell that because I can guarantee only a small population will actually do this

How can I tell?

Well, even I missed to do this, so, damn

Advantage numero tres – you give ‘advanced value’ to your prospective affiliates by promoting for them

According to my ninja friend, if you could build a list of about a thousand (or two, if I remember correctly), you could start promoting for other people as well

Again, that makes you easier to ‘spot’ among the pool of other product creators wanting to recruit your prospective affiliate

Doing this shows you’re a different beast of a first time product launcher

Additional work, I know…
But guess what --- work pays lol


There you go

A few tips from my first product launch confessions

I hope you got valuable answers to the question on how to get affiliates to promote your product
from way up high
Philippines’ City of Pines
Hey there buddy, care to share what's on your mind?

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