Ian del Carmen…and His Internet Marketing Secrets

Just this time... pay attention to this cool true story

I'm gonna make your online career & marketing (training, coaching, services, info) related business life a looooooot easier

...so my fair feathered friend, sit down and read up

Because today, I'm gonna share something about an

"instant authority boost" trick :)

And I'll start by narrating a little story in Liam Neeson's voice:
"I was not born rich. My mom and dad separated when I was three years old... the company my mom was working for closed down

So she started selling cold drinks on the streets...

...just to buy milk for me (as a baby)

As I grew up I got really motivated to be successful in life. I didn't experience the great toys as a kid... those that I can now provide for my kids

Venturing into internet marketing gave me a 360 degree turn... from living with relatives, to having my own home

The lifestyle is the number one thing that changed after I did my internet marketing business - if not for internet marketing, I wouldn't be able to send my kid to a GOOD school

Having my lovely wife work with me in building a good home... not just a house

To review what kind of life I had before internet marketing - you're gonna make me cry if I tell you every bit and pieces of the story

It was a really hard kind of life before

To give back, I can now hire employees to give them their own means of living - and that is also an amazing thing

When I started internet marketing, PayPal and Clickbank were not available in the Philippines

NOT having a PayPal account is REALLY HARD when getting started with an internet marketing business (when 99% of buyers on the internet use PayPal)..."
That's the story of Ian del Carmen (aka "King Ian de Jv" in my books)

And you know, the rest is history, as they say...

He became a internet marketing success story in less than a year

I call him "King Ian de JV" because he's the #1 affiliate in the leaderboards of my first launch
(this is my simple tribute to Ian)
This is important because he actually took a chance on a new guy like me

(I know he could've made more money if he promoted other offers instead... Trust me on this – VERY few A-listers would go down the level that I had – "a newbie with a regular product on his first time launch")

That's the kind of helpful guy he is...

And in a bit, you'll know...
Why Knowing About
Ian and What He Does is
Important for You, Too

And yes – he's been slaughtering leaderboards one after another...

Recently, he was #1 in Alex Jeffreys' launch as well…
(Here's the final leaderboard from my coach Alex Jeffreys' Blackbox Sales Machine...
and yeah, I had to add an extra box for the 10th placer there lol)
And check this out ---

He's a Batman fan, too, lol

What could be cooler than that?

There is
You're gonna love this so keep reading

Back in 2012, I had my first ever self-published book...

I spent months and my best ideas at that book (AWESOME ASS: MARKETING)

Now, having that book when speaking at seminars gave me immediate authority

(illusion or not, it's the way it is)

Ultimately, that instant authority made business easier...

...in a lot of ways
Imagine the Possibilities if
You Had Instant Authority Boost
in Your Business or Career...

The only way I could describe this is cheating...

...but in a good, legal way

Here's why:

Remember the "instant authority shortcut" I mentioned at the opening of this post?

Well, here's the thing

Recently, Ian released a book called Internet Marketing Secrets

Now, the interesting thing is - he's offering co-authorship deal to it

"Super Affiliate, IM Star
Ian del Carmen as
Your Co-Author"

You read that right

You and King Ian de Jv,co-authors of a book

That's instant authority right there

A real career booster if you ask me


BECAUSE again...

NO A-lister would just let you use his name as his co-author…

Of course, there's an invest... just peanuts though

Nope... you won't have to pay $5,000 or $1,000 like other people in Ian's position would charge

(I know you're a smart working hustler, and you'll understand why this is such a steal)

Click here to go to www.imgrowhouse.com/imsecrets for more information

Exciting, and easy, right?

I truly believe this can help you "in different business of angles"

(... if you inject enough imagination, co-authoring Internet Marketing Secrets with Ian del Carmen can give you enormous advantage in the offline world as well)

Anyway, that's it for now
from way up high
Philippines’ City of Pines
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