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So, I've been a "busy bee" over the past weeks but for a good reason: we've been preparing our new "all-in-one" solution to making money with local businesses (and you don't have to be physically "there" to use this). Basically, it's a software + information + swipe + done-for-you product rolled in one place... with the goal of making a profit within 24hrs.

(This works great - without the need for an email list, but of course, results not typical lolz)

Here's the thing about this: if I needed to make a buck within 24-72hrs and I had nothing else (no reputation, no big budget, no list, no info-product, etc) , this is what I would do. I'm pretty sure this will give me the results "I need", because I've "been-there-done-that"). That's why I am confident about this being duplicable for you, too. Having access to this kind of tool + businesses model is like having a "insurance" for the rainy season - you can implement immediately when you need to!

My favorite part about this all-in-one package though? Everything is simple. First, the software has solves a really VERY specific task - no fluff, no confusion, no learning curve on your part. Second, you get the training about how the method works in a direct manner (so you save time)... plus you get the "swipes" and the exact high-quality products to run this as a business. Pretty cool huh? And everything I just mentioned are included in the front end!
Check back on this page 15-20 minutes before we go live on Sunday at 9am EST to see if you won a free copy!

How to Join:

Joining to win is easy - simply comment below and you will be entered in the "random winner" giveaway.

*** WINNER ***

Richard Dean Basa

To claim your copy, email me at: dexheretohelp[AT]

If you didn’t win, don’t worry. You can still get in for $14.95 during our 4 hour early bird period.
And in case you're wondering about the OTOs:

OTO1 is another 3-in-1 mega combo to help you get faster & bigger results with Local Lead Beast - [a] More DFY HQ LIVE person video products (you can use to service your own clients), [b] "Local Trojan Horse" Method + Swipes (a really freakin' good system to dominate with this business model in a cool, value giving way that gives you "instant authority" without you even trying), [c] your very own "giveaway pack" so you don't feel like creating this stuff yourself

OTO2 is membership to "Instant Spokes Person" - this is an even bigger, badder library of done for you videos in different niches (now over 120). You want this if you want to even scale the Local Lead Beast system (...want to regional, national, or even international level because that means more mooolah? Yes!)

OTO3 is a special invitation to an online bootcamp - basically, our best way to help you. A way to get in touch with us thru LIVE sessions, with a backend membership site containing some of our very best secrets to making money online + case study interview sessions with some of the best netrepreneurs today.
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