5 Simple Kickass Tricks to Rank Your Video on YouTube

Ever wanted to rank your video on YouTube - so you could start collecting leads or selling affiliate products? It makes sense to want to do that - imagine the free targeted traffic you get, amazing, correct?

So today, I'm gonna share a few tricks for you in this YouTube thaaaang department

But first, a little prep question --- Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google?

Well, it is

In fact, YouTube has about 4 billion views per day

Imagine what would happen if you have a video ranking on page 1 at number 1 spot for your keyword

That means you get lots of free traffic

From there, you could be collecting leads or selling affiliate offers

Imagination is your only limitation

So how do you optimize your video so that it can get ranked on YouTube?

Here are the 5 steps that you need

Step 1: Do a Keyword Research

Start by doing a keyword research for your video

The objective is to uncover long tail keywords that are relevant to your video and have enough search volume but low competition

Do not go after broad keyword phrases as it is difficult to get ranked for these keyword phrases and they are usually not specific to your video

Once your video gets ranked for long tail keywords, they might eventually get ranked for the shorter keyword phrases

It is a good practice to target multiple long tail keywords in the video

Use Google Keyword Planner to come up with a list of related keywords based on your primary keyword phrase

Step 2: Optimise your video before uploading to YouTube

Make sure that the title of your video file contains the relevant keyword phrase that you are targeting

Try to weave in about at least 2 - 3 keyword phrases into the title of your video or as many of the keywords as you possibly can with the title still making sense and not looking like spam

Rename your video file so that the filename contains the keywords in it

Step 3: Upload your video to YouTube and optimize it on YouTube Platform

Write a description for your video containing the keywords that you are targeting

You should have your primary keyword phrase appearing at the beginning or in the first sentence of the description

The description should be have about 200-300 words. Use contextually similar words in your description. For example, a video description about weight loss could also contain keywords like diet, exercise, fitness or belly fat

Do not spam your description with a bunch of keywords

You should also include as many keywords as possible in the tags section as your video may show up as a related video when someone searches for a keyword related to your video

Step 4: Get your friends to watch, like and comment on your video

After all, the more views, like and comments you have on your videos, the higher it ranks in terms of viewer engagement

Viewer engagement is one of the factors that YouTube takes into account when it comes to ranking videos

Get your friends to watch the video until it is completed also

Next share your video on as many social media platforms you possibly could

Use the social media icon below your video to share it on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and get your friends to do too

Step 5: Create backlinks to your video

Create backlinks to your video by embedding your videos in your blog or on any websites that you own and submitting your video URL to different social booking platforms

Have a link from your website to your video

Keep building backlinks to your video

As you continue to write content, do presentations, post on forums, etc., remember to keep linking back to your videos when you can

The more links you can get back to your videos the better they will rank over time, so keep on plugging them wherever you can

This is just an overview of the 5 steps that you need to do to get your videos ranking on YouTube

If you want to find out more details, click here to check out some more YouTube ranking secrets from my friend Boon Koh - enjoy!
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