“Self-Published Author Hack” – for Rookies


I will try to make this quick

Here’s what this is about, and what this means to you

I will share to you

“How to Add Funds to Your Business (and Pocket) while Growing Essential Business Skills & Building Your Expertise … Using Your Own Instant Authority Hi-Jack Kit

One hard wired human instinct responsible for persuasion is the way we respond to authority

You can see it everywhere – from the playgrounds to billion dollar organizations

You may or may not like it, but the world doesn’t care

What you have to care about though, is how you can use this to your advantage

So the trick I’m about to tell you right now revolves around “hacking this authority instinct” so you can add funds to your pocket, practice a set of very important business skills… thereby increasing your self-confidence and ability to adapt – so you can have a stable foundation in your business, especially if you’re starting out, or limited in funds but willing to break through

As you know, book authors have an immediate authority attached to them – so this will involve you having your own physical book… easily

A little warning

What you’re about to hear might sound difficult to do at first

I’d feel the same way… but you don’t have to worry

I’m going to share shortcuts for you anyway

With my first physical book, AWESOME ASS: MARKETING
(with my co-author best selling author Jay McLean)

AWESOME ASS:MARKETING finds its way to Japan

AWESOME ASS:MARKETING with some of my favorite books

Still involves some work – but hey, this will serve you a lifetime

I promise

Ok, let’s begin

You need three ingredients in order to have your own authority hi-jack kit

Ingredient #1 - Self-published book (or any book with your name on it)

If you’re aware of Private Label Rights, you know how easy this is, right?

Step 1

– Get a relevant PLR product, a 35-100+ page ebook would do

Edit it as you see fit, just do it fast (injecting your own story and examples in the book is one of the easiest ways to personalize it)

Step 2

- Get it printed,

If you can find a place that could print out school yearbooks, they definitely can print your books

Negotiate for a test print of 30-50 copies, depending on your budget

If you want to save more, Google “book printing in China”

Now, you might be asking… what niche should I pick?

Well – this is not an expert talking, but just common sense thinking

I’d say it’s safe to choose something that’s evergreen

If you’ve been dabbing with internet marketing, most likely, you’re already a few steps ahead of the people in the offline world

So, if you’re unsure about what niche, you can start with marketing or internet marketing – choose a PLR product about that

Here’s a super tip:

One hack you can do is co-author with an existing authority

Find your way to network with them (this is the hard way)

Or find existing co-authorship proposals from existing authorities out there – these are gonna be hard to find if you don’t know where to look

BUT at the end of this video – I’m going to share “one special proposal” from an already established international best-seller

So stay tuned ‘till the end, you’re gonna want to know about this… because this is the piece that gives you 90% instant leverage


Ingredient #2 – An offline event crowd

You need to be in an event to show and sell your book

You can organize your own event, or piggy back on other events…

During one of the seminars I organized myself
Believe it or not, even nuns are interested about using internet marketing

Manila, circa 2013

Manila, circa 2015

My first big solo seminar in Manila

Let’s go back to the internet marketing niche

You can talk to companies that utilize any kind of sales force,

… like insurance, real estate, network marketing companies, etc

Introduce yourself as the author, give the decision maker a copy of the book and offer a free appearance in their next event

I call this “event piggy-backing” – so you don’t have to have your own crowd to start with

You could share your 15-20minutes of value by sharing your knowledge

(Take more time if you want)

Again, you can use PLR materials for your content

You just have to try to get on stage

If you’re new to this, rehearse in your bedroom 10times if you have to

It’s worth it because if you want advantage in business

You’re gonna have to do some time of public speaking in the future anyway

So practice early
I have a more detailed tutorial about this “seminar piggy backing and money making” at: www.headlineswissknifemethod.com/plr2ndbaby

Let’s move on
Ingredient #3 – Monetization Plan

Have a way to offset your expenses and get some money flowing to your business

When you’re on stage, during the events you go to - “plug” your book or have a “pitch” prepared for it

And if you can – create a more attractive offer by bundling your book with an online affiliate product, and some other “digital bonuses” (use PLR if you want)

This will help you start earning money and building authority

Take pictures with the crowd – these are your remembrance and at the same time “trophies”

Collect the leads from the seminars, too

Ask permission if you could send them emails or SMS for your next events (or upcoming digital products, newsletters etc… you get the idea)

Now, don’t spend the money you get

Use that to fund your promotions, your own events or print more books

Anything that grows your business

Be wise with the money you make

Now, as promised – here’s the game changing resource I mentioned earlier

I found an international best-selling author and a major influence in the internet marketing niche, and he’s offering a co-authorship deal for peanuts
Check out the link on this page to get more details about that resource

Go to www.imgrowhouse.com/imsecrets

See you on there…
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