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There's a very special reason why I wanted you to watch this. Here, legendary adman David Ogilvy talks about the two worlds of advertising: direct response, and general advertising... and how these two are on a collision course.

He tells how "direct response" people know what works and what doesn't work. He goes on to say you know to a dollar, that general advertising people don't know...that...

  • Two minute commercials on television are more cost effective than 10sec or 30 sec commercials
  • Finish time on television sells more than prime time
  • In print advertising... long copies sell more than short copy
  • Headlines and copy about the product, and its benefits sell more than "cute headlines and poetic copy"
  • General advertising and their agencies know almost nothing for sure... because they cannot measure the results of their advertising. They worship but the author of creativity, which really means originality - the most dangerous word in the lexicon of advertising.
My goal in this article is to help you gain the advantage direct response people have. This subject is special to me because DRM, or direct response marketing, was one of the very first thing I learned from my first mentor.

The principles I learned from him are the same ones I used in order to gain footing inside the Philippines' #1 success coach's internet marketing department... even if I had no "college" degree in marketing.

You see, there is a great deal of direct response copywriting in the world today. Direct response copywriting can take several different forms. It could encompass a direct-mail campaign as well as direct response ads.

Many companies employ direct response copywriting... so you must make sure that you have different ways for your advertising to stand up.

When you are doing direct response copywriting, you should make sure that you are writing to your prospects as you would write to a friend. This will be slightly formal but informal in the sense that you are writing to the person in a conversational tone. You do not need to stick to a certain length of space within your writing but rather...

"...write until what you need to say has been said."

Direct response copywriting is a complex subject. Read more about this subject... because there are formula out there, developed and tested, ready for you to use. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when you’re copywriting... that involves more work on your part...

Successful people of the past have taken the time and effort to test the different parts of a letter... to maximize the current formula... and to wring out the most sales possible with a direct response copywriting campaign.

There are three main parts usually to a direct response letter. These are the headline, the offer, and the postscript.

The headline is the most read part of your sales letter so you must make sure to grab your prospects’ attention immediately. If you do not grab their attention, you’ll find that your direct response copywriting letter is at the bottom of the trashcan along with many other junk letters.

The second most important part of the letter is the postscript. This is where you will be giving an incentive for someone to respond immediately to what you have to offer. With the offer, you want to make sure that this explains in great detail what a person will receive if they take you up on your offer. The postscript will offer further incentives so that the person will respond immediately.

The key behind direct response copywriting is that you want the person to immediately respond to the offer that you have presented.

Good copywriting is done by following formulas that have been established. By focusing upon the three main parts such as the headline, the offer, and the postscript, you will be setting yourself up to have a high success rate.

Direct response copywriting can be very effective and produce great sales for you or your clients if you do it correctly, so be sure to continue to learn more about the subject. If you're interested, come check out my book Awesome ASS (Marketing). I discussed things about the headline, postscripts., propositions and more.

If you liked this direct response tips article, feel free to comment below. Let us know if you have questions too. 'Till next time :)

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