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Difficulty: Intermediate
Video time: 36:42
Stories are powerful. Sometimes, more than the logical approach when selling. This special training teaches you how to craft stories that grab attention, touch emotions, and inspire action.
Special Notice

Do you need help in crafting your own story to sell more of your stuff? Do you want to sell your business or ideas without appearing "salesy" or "pushy"? For a limited time, I am accepting coaching clients for this particular topic. We will work together (via Skype) in telling the world about your wonderful products, services, or goals thru a powerful, attention grabbing, and engaging story. As you know, you are only 1 story away in selling tens of thousands dollars worth of your offer. 


  • Initial session where we extract the major points and ingredients for your story, and get you started (so you don't stare at a blank page).
  • Follow up session where I check your initial output and I help you tighten it up, and make your story rock solid.
  • Free "sales scripting" critique - where I analyze your story output and tie it up to a sales angle.
  • Free video creation - where I turn your story into a visual "animation / doodle" video (see samples of videos below).
  • $300 discount from my regular coaching and video creation service.
  • And a lot more "insider" surprises =)


1. Email me at [email protected] and simply say "Saga Story Selling Coaching" so I know what your message is all about

2. Wait for my reply and we can set our first session.

P.S. This mini WSO is just the tip of the iceberg. I plan to expand on this subject in the future. With more details, examples, tricks and techniques. I just thought people should now about this overview at the very least, as soon as possible. This framework should get you going if you need a good steady base to start. Hope you enjoyed this training as much as I did conceptualizing it. Peace and good luck!
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