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"Holding may favorite bass ever - a Fender Jazz. I had to sell it during my tough times."
Before working as the in-house copywriter for Philippines' #1 Success Coach... ... And before creating "Saan Napunta ang Pera ni Juan" (Where Did Johnny's Money Go)

* a now cult-like infomarketing video that got over 1M total views in less than 3 weeks (tough job for a non-comedy, non-celebrity, non-kiddie related vid) *

Way before consulting and creating high-impact marketing materials for clients... ... Even before publishing my first book AWESOME ASS... And finally, before becoming a (sometimes troubled & puzzled) happy work-at-home dad...

I was one of those stupid kids who needed a lesson in life. At twenty-three, I found myself about quarter of a million peso in debt. I was poorer than the beggars of the streets. I knew I was f*cked. And I had to do something.

If you're someone who wants to use proper marketing (and the internet) to change your life, you might want to hear my story.

Dexter Paglinawan with...
Awesome ASS (Marketing)

Whether you’re an advertising copywriter, an account executive, marketing director, consultant, salesperson, job hunter, specialist, professional service provider or entrepreneur, Awesome ASS will help you hook and close your prospects, online and offline. Now, you can take the gamble out of marketing and grab advantage, or even dominance in the market place.

You hold in your hands a means of achieving your own success and enjoying the fruits of stinkin’ good marketing. Finally, discover how to develop your own solid ultimate marketing plan. You simply follow an amazing new concept that shows marketing success can be reduced to a formula – a principle based system that never fails.

Automatically smash the three biggest walls that block every marketer’s efforts from gaining breakthrough results: the prospect will not listen, not believe, and not act upon your message. Regardless of your marketing skills, Awesome Auto-Smash Strategy will take you along a road of easy to understand and implement principles and techniques which encourage ever improving thinking and attitude.

Headline Swiss Knife Method
Headline Swiss-Knife Method (Udemy Course)

If you don't get attention in 30secs (or even less), you're toast. Say goodbye to the time, money & effort you spent on your Ad and campaign... 'coz people will not listen to your message... and you're not getting a return of investment.

With "Headline Swiss-Knife Method", I take you by the hand as you discover a deeper thinking process to creating headlines - your "default & main" attention magnet. Not only will you be able to create powerful neck-grabbing headlines, you'll also learn how to "reflect" on what your product is all about.

Because of this, you'll have an easier time describing the products you need to sell.

This ultimately decreases the headaches you face when brainstorming. Coming up with that killer "hook" for your product becomes an easier task.

"I love racking my brain to simplify ideas . . .
... and then, sharing them to others."

When I stand in front of another person, or tens or thousands of people to "teach", I feel I'm actually doing something of worth in my life. I know, sounds "cheesy" right? But here's the reason why I'm telling you this:

If everything was provided for my family, and we didn't have to worry about working and making money and all... one of the things I'd love to do (even if I don't get paid for it) is continue "speaking out there" - sharing ideas that could hopefully change another person's life.

Nothing hardcore or fancy, really. But I tell you this - I'd be living a different life if it wasn't for my first mentor, who shared his ideas in the living room... just four of us there.

Dexter Paglinawan speaking at live events
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