"Adventures of a Poor Hometown Boy Turned Home-Based Digital Entrepreneur"
If you’re someone who’s got people relying on your love and support…

...you know how devastated I felt when at age eight, I was sent 268.3 miles away from home (that’s about nine hours of travel on two buses, and a ferry)…

...just because nobody could send me to school anymore.

I haven’t met my dad back then, and my mom had two of my younger siblings on her plate.

I never told anyone in the past…

...but I used to stare at our family picture and cry privately during those four long years.

I always thought if we only had enough money, I wouldn’t have to be sad, alone, and powerless.

That’s when I promised myself…

...when I have my own family, I’d do everything I can to save them from that kind of loneliness...

This story is NOT new, both for me and you...

Somewhere, somehow, there’s someone who’s in a messy situation like this.

Feeling helpless. Down. Uncertain. Confused.

As I grew up as a man, I feared that if I didn’t do something… the cycle would repeat.

And I would lose everything.

The respect of my family and friends. The future of my kids. My sanity.

Lost and meaningless future. Not just for me. But for the people I’m bound to protect.

Nowadays, there’s not much of an option.

People are being laid off from work everywhere.

And getting a job that pays what you’re really worth is as rare as flying unicorns.

That’s why I felt hope when I found the internet...

My SPARK for life awakened.

I finally had a choice. Creative freedom. Ability to give back.

I was able to earn a decent living from the comforts of my home…

No boss to answer to.
No suffering from the long commute to the office.
No need to beg to get salary raise.

That's why I'm here, ready to “pay it forward,”...

My goal for you in this blog is simple:

Although I owe a lot to the internet marketing world, there are still a lot of shady characters in the scene.

That's why I want to give you a reliable place for information, resources, and reviews about the "how to make money online world" in this blog.

My vision is to make your entrepreneur life easier and better...

...so you can live with peace of mind, better choices in life, and renewed faith in your ability to lead a good life - which for me, is the actual goal we want beyond internet marketing.

Dexter Paglinawan
"Dexter Paglinawan, from Way Up High Philippines' City of Pines, WarriorPlus Top 5% Affiliate & Vendor, Dad of Two, Computer Game Aficionado, Led Zeppelin Super Fan, Crazy for Pizza & Burgers"
"What People Think About Working with Dexter"
"Dexter is by far one of the best..." ~ Oliver Tamalayan
"He knows how to bring success..." ~ Mandy Morris
"Closed 6-figure deal with 10mins of advice..." ~ Ace Estrada
"His skills are just world class..." ~ Kristie Chiles
"Dex gave me confidence & certainty..." ~ Ralph St. Juste
"He's there when I wanted to give up..." ~ Sharon O'hare
" My Goal is to make YOUR
Easier & Better "
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